Record and instant analysis of your shots


Visualize your timing and hits instantly from your device


Improvement tips based on your shooting results


Analysis of your long term progress


Use a go pro camera for longer distances and faster results

patented technology

SPOTTR is based on a fusion of shooting disciplines, combined with client-server
state-of-the-art cloud computing. It leverages our machines learning algorithms, multi disciplines and image processing engines to analyze shooting patterns, then offer super-relevant, real-time feedback

go pro supported

When shooting from longer range, you need a camera positioned closer up, to help SPOTTR “see” for you and report back. Connect wirelessly to a GoPro for instant analysis, instead of waiting to periodically hike down to mark a target or pull it in on a pulley-based retrieval system.

range operators kit

coming soon

Our shooting range package consists of a wireless HD camera and our easy-install, cloud-based software for customer management and target tracking. Alternatively, the SPOTTR app can sit on the shooter’s own phone or tablet and utilize its camera, or can paired wirelessly with yours.